Ep 140: Margin Management with Amy O’Connor

Ep 140: Margin Management with Amy O’Connor

Mar 18, 2021 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

Market Proof Marketing · Margin Management with Amy O’Connor


This week Kevintalks with Amy O’Connor from Jeff Shore Consulting Group to discuss that no matter the market, we need to remember that margin management is the name of the game. Also in this episode, KevinJackie Lipinski, & Jackie Askews discuss that even though Airbnb slashed its entire marketing budget they were able to return to 95% of their previous traffic levels, how Google wants to group people by FLoC to target you, and how one builder is overriding home selections to close on time.

Story Time (2:20)

  • Jackie Lipinski discusses a recent conversation with a Texas home builder who has decided “you get what you get” when it comes to your exterior brick choice to make sure construction deadlines are met.
  • Jackie Askews talks about her new construction home builds experience and the “In-xperience” that they’ve been able to achieve regarding the selection process.
  • Kevin notes that no CRM system is the “Right One” if you’re not spending the time to pursue understanding it. Plus another two offers to “influence” products this week…

In the News (17:56)

360 Topic of the Week – Margin Management with Amy O’Connor (33:30): 

Amy O’Connor, from Jeff Shore Consulting Group, joins us this week to discuss that even in the best of times or the worst of worst of times, we need to remember that margin management is the name of the game. Kevin and Amy also touch on the need for consistent messaging from sales, marketing, and management teams, and she notes the skillsets that sales team members might lose if they don’t flex them regularly.

  • Why marketing is not just driving traffic but driving a mindset for buyers as well
  • How it’s critical to communicate transparency, and why it’s what buyers need and want right now
  • How to think about packaging the priority list message
  • How a builder in Pennsylvania transformed their sales process to 99% online while still creating a personalized experience
  • Why she recommends builders still opt for discovery meetings with their new home buyers in order to create more trust and how to let the customers drive the conversations.
  • Amy also explains why the worst sales team member is the one that “grows on you”

Question of the Week (1:04:15)

  • As a birthday gift to Jackie Lipinski, we’ve decided to hunt down the perfect nickname for her. Submit your feedback here – we’d love to hear from you!
    • You can listen to her first podcast when we interviewed her on episode 22 here

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