Ep 135: The Makings of a Content Masterpiece with Sarah Titus

Ep 135: The Makings of a Content Masterpiece with Sarah Titus

Feb 11, 2021 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

Market Proof Marketing · The Makings of a Content Masterpiece with Sarah Titus

Sarah Titus

About a month ago, Sarah Titus, Marketing Manager for Eastbrook Homes in Michigan, shared in the MPM Facebook group a content project she’d just launched that day. The crowd went WILD. So we invited her to the show to discuss exactly how the Know Your Options video series/content hub came to be. Listen as Sarah describes the backstory and process for launching a new home content masterpiece. Also in this episode… Kevin celebrates the wins, website benchmarks for 2021, and a potential podcast format change.🤯

Story Time (3:20)

  • Julie watched the entire, cringe-worthy season of Emily in Paris on Netflix. If you’re a marketer, you might get a kick out of it, too.
  • Andrew wonders if companies get more sales/referrals/businesses if they posted more influencer-type content.🤔
  • Kevin considers three questions:
    • Consumers want more content but less human interaction
    • Wait/VIP lists – there’s no right or wrong way to do it – what’s your goal?
    • A builder “accidentally” sold an extra 100 homes on the last day of the month – oops?

In the News (21:23)

360 Topic of the Week: To Gate or Not to Gate? (41:26)

Sarah Titus, Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer at Eastbrook Homes, joins us to discuss a website content initiative that made her quite popular with fellow marketers. In this conversation we’ll learn more about the Know Your Options video and blog series, designed to simplify the selections process and empower buyers. They discuss:

  • The backstory of the project: the desire to shift focus from attracting leads to helping the customer
  • How this project was an offshoot of Eastbrook University
  • Structure of the Eastbrook marketing team, and why Sarah wanted to manage 7 additional vendors
  • Why the right idea at the wrong time is still the wrong idea
  • How she pitched the idea to leadership, and why she demanded carte blanche
  • Why they decided that each content hub should contain video, text AND images, and how much of that content was new vs. re-purposed
  • Sarah’s origin story and why she is Kevin’s twin marketing sister.

Question of the Week (1:29:36)

This week we are clarifying last week’s QOTW about a potential format change to the podcast. By separating out stories/news from guest interviews, we would produce the same amount of content, just more episodes. So we’d continue with news/stories every Thursday, and when we do guest interviews we’d have an additional episode for that week. More episodes means shorter episodes. Keeping everything together means one longer episode each week. Submit your feedback here – we’d love to hear from you!

Questions? Comments? Email show@doyouconvert.com or call 404-369-2595 and we’ll address them on the next episode.

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