Do You Work Online or Onsite? How to Respond When Customers Ask

Do You Work Online or Onsite? How to Respond When Customers Ask

Feb 12, 2020 | By Jen Barkan

“Are you online or onsite?” – Mrs. Prospect

With the growing number of online sales specialists in our industry, customers are starting to catch onto the shift in process, too. As they conduct their new home searches online, it has become the norm to encounter an online sales specialist. You may have experienced the question, “Do you work onsite or online? I want to talk with someone onsite. Can you connect me?”


We can overcome this objection as long as we’re prepared with a quick, go-to script. Remember, we are positioning ourselves as the extension of our sales teams. With this particular objection, there’s no better time to use a dynamic response. Here’s what you could say:

“I’m so glad you called; you have reached the right person! As the new home specialist for Happy Acres Builder, I work with all of our communities and sales associates. Tell me how I can help you today.”

Steer clear of the knee jerk reaction,“I work online; how can I help?” Sometimes when we answer in this way, the customer will respond with,“Ok, great. Can you connect me directly with someone onsite at Happy Acres?” When this happens, we quickly lose credibility with the prospect and it’s harder to keep them engaged in our conversation.

In this scenario, the prospect may also respond with, “Ok, can you give me the onsite salesperson’s direct number and I’ll call them?” Again, being prepared with a quick, scripted response is key. Here’s what you could say:

“I’m happy to give you their number, but it’s likely they are in a contract or selections meeting and may not be able to answer their phone. My job, however, is to be available when our customers call, so you’ve got the right person and the cool thing is, I work directly with Mike at Happy Acres. Tell me how I can help you today.”

As we continue to see more of an online presence, we need to be prepared for these types of questions. Keep in mind these three things when you are faced with the question, “Do you work online or onsite?”


  1. You work with everyone and you’re an extension of their team
  2. You are best equipped to answer calls. Onsite salespeople are busy with people right in front of them.
  3. It’s ok to tell your customers this – it’s not a secret but a really good thing!


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