admissionAdMission Partners with BHI to Provide Online Rich Media Display Ads for U.S. Home Builders

Some pretty cool stuff from Builder Homesite (NewHomeSource) and AdMission.

They have developed a way display multiple properties dynamically through banner ads. Basically, you create an ad template – then it pulls the latest details of the homes you have for sale. On top of all the technical footwork, they are getting better results! Check out the claims from users:

Early AdMission ad campaign participants experienced ad click-through performance that was more than double that of standard display advertising run concurrently on the site.

“Pulte Homes’ Orlando division began running the AdMission banner ads on a couple of months ago, and we are also running four other promotional banner ads at the same time,” said Kristin Vuckovic, marketing manager for Pulte Homes’ Orlando division. “We get a very good click-through rate with our creative on, but we were thrilled to find a click-through rate that is four times better as a result of using the AdMission style of ads.”

Want to see the “AdMission style” of ads in action? Click Here>> to view multiple banner ads displayed. Pretty sweet stuff! Be sure to view the KB Homes ad.

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