tomatoGreat post by Jason Benesch over at the Real Estate Tomato Blog with a clever take on the future “first time homebuyer” and how to connect with this audience. Guess how? Be sure to read his post here>>

A great exerpt:

My generation has the mentality of avoiding paying menial costs, revealing our identity, and committing to membership. It is the convenience of the internet that is to blame. The past barriers of expense and membership are frequently circumvented by ‘gaming’ the system. Our approach is that we expect to be able to get the information and data we want without having to make any solid commitment. Our generation has learned how to seek out and find information online and we don’t stop until we are satisfied or exhausted….

If your business model does not in some way connect you to this growing market mentality, you are essentially alienating yourself from the next wave of first time home buyers.