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So, what is driving Andrew Peek and I to dedicate time each week on our podcast – Market Proof Marketing? I’m glad you asked.

Go Beyond The Headlines

Too many headlines today are “clickbait” or are not fully relevant or applicable to our industry. I always go back to Pokemon Go on this point… so many articles written and emails sent to us asking “how can I capitalize on this trend!?” It was all a waste of time – because you couldn’t. That didn’t stop a lot of people from trying to use that phenomenon to gain your attention and sell you something. This format will allow us to regularly comment on the headlines, concerns, and opportunities that are out there.

In-Depth Discussions (Not Everything Is Simple)

Sometimes a blog post – even with charts, graphs, and 2000 words – isn’t enough to really flush out our ideas on a topic. Andrew and I can now riff on a single subject (like we just did with landing pages) for over 20 minutes and look at it from all angles. The truth is no one learns about landing pages in school, and almost anyone you could learn from online is also trying to sell you a landing page service or tool. We think there’s big value in being able to hear honest back and forth on a topic to balance out that sales-oriented content.

Scale Ideas – Not Clients

If you’re reading this you probably already know that we have a relatively small number of builders we are able to partner with at a time. It’s how we’re set up to function – high touch, high accessibility, and quick action – and that means there are a lot of people we can’t work with due to our capacity. Market Proof Marketing will allow us to spread important concepts and ideas beyond those who we work with directly, or to those who are able to attend our yearly Online Sales & Marketing Summit.

We Were Already Doing It

Andrew and I connect several times each week via video conferences, and we always found ourselves having a good five-minute conversation about something and thinking – “Wow – I wish we could send that to Builder X. It might help them have a better understanding…” but we weren’t recording it. Now, we are!

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