Check out the latest Lasso Live where the Mike Lyon sat down (virtually) with Thais Cuffy and talked about what he sees top performing Online Sales Specialists do day in and day out.

Show Notes:

Question: What are 3 things you can do now to get more appointments and sales?

– Dig deeper utilizing better questions

– Get busy prospecting – the hard work!

– Become an influencer. Don’t be shy and create an internal PR Program.

Question: How do you build solid relationships with the sales team?

  • Make sure you have a voice in every sales meeting
  • New hire curriculum shows sales teams what you actually do
  • Get out in their communities – take a coffee. $4.25 will go a long way
  • Tag Team Award. Courtesy of Jen Barkan

Question: How can an OSC be more efficient AND effective every day?

  • Don’t roll in hot, double fisting coffee and jump in to your inbox – huge mistake
  • Tops OSCs time block
  • Top OSCs know their top priorities
  • Top OSCs clearly articulate their areas of responsibilities
  • Top OSCs set daily goals


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