How to get those appointments from your phone calls

No pain, no gain.

Step out of your comfort zone, and tackle, head on, a task you might be avoiding out of fear. Asking for the appointment.

I know it’s not comfortable to ask a prospect to commit to an appointment to view a model home. What if they say, “No!”?

Don’t let the fear of rejection paralyze your attempts to schedule those appointments.

No risk, no reward.

Here are some tips for asking the right questions to pave the way for getting the appointment.

Assume the appointment. As you’re speaking with this prospect, use language as though they it’s a foregone conclusion that this person is going to schedule an appointment. Say things like, “When you come out and visit us.”

Prepare them for the next step. As you’re chatting with your prospect, guide them to your objective. “So, the next step is setting up a time for you to come and see this model home we’re talking about.” Put it out there. It’s the logical end to a great covnersation.

Call back with a reason. Not every call goes perfectly. You will have some prospects who are difficult to engage with. You hang up without even getting around to asking for the appointment. Here’s where you need to take a leap of faith. Pick up the phone and call the customer back. Use some reason for the call, like “I forgot to ask you about your investment range” or some other perfectly legitimate question. Once you have them on the phone, move on to the big ask. “Oh, by the way, have you had a chance to see our model home? I’d love to set up a time for you to come out and visit.”

Take a chance. If you want that biscuit, you have to risk it!