Last but certainly not least, here is the final round of videos from the International Builders’ Show. If you want to check out all the interviews from IBS, they are here on YouTube.

One of the highlights of the show for me was meeting John Fanning, the Co-Founder of Napster. (if you aren’t familiar with Napster, it is the service that basically turned the entire music industry upside down) He attended the Extreme E-Marketing presentation on Thursday and we spent a few minutes throwing around some video communication ideas.

Want some great marketing ideas from the best in Australia? Darren Mehl is the marketing manager for Metricon, Australia’s largest homebuilder. I spent half of my final day hanging out with him and the executive team soaking up as much as I could. Darren is extremely sharp and an all-in-all cool guy (its not just the accent).

Good thing I had my iPhone ready when I bumped into Extreme Makeover Home Edition, in the cab line. He shared some great stuff plus said some nice words about Simmons Homes. As I write this, I am working with Simmons on their third Extreme Makeover. (watch out, volume is high on this one)

I caught Jason Forrest from Shore Forrest in the hall after an event. I wanted him to talk about his new book, the 40 Day Sales Dare. I love the concept plus the interactive blogging from those who are on the dare.