What better place to be in June than in beautiful San Francisco for the Pacific Coast Builders Conference? I am thrilled to be participating in an “out of this world” session with Jeff Shore and Jason Forrest.

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Date: June 09, 2010
Time: 1:00 PM- 4:00 PM

Description: Join me and other industry leaders as we recharge your sales battery. Offering new innovative ideas for winning in the sales game and getting ahead in today’s technology based market. No longer are the average sales techniques working with home buyers. Get in touch with ways to set yourself apart from the others. This session will offer new ways to win in 2010.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A new perspective on this year’s home buyers.
  • Why old sales techniques are no longer working.
  • How to create your very own selling message to reach more people.
  • Be in the know on new trends and technologies that will separate you from the rest.
  • Get energized with excitement and a positive outlook to reach your goals.

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    Jeff Shore, Founder and CEO, Shore Forrest Sales Strategies

    Jason Forrest, President, Shore Forrest Sales Strategies

    Mike Lyon, President, Mike Lyon Group, Inc.

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