I had the great pleasure of presenting to the Builder 20 Group #33 “The Survivors” in Cleveland this week. By the way, Cleveland has a really clean downtown. Moving right along…I love presenting to 20 groups! You can be much more open, honest and transparent.

This was really a cool group of builders ready to kick this economy’s (you know what). If you are a builder looking for a powerful way to connect – you need to talk with the NAHB about their 20 Clubs. Here is a quick description:

The 20 Clubs are comprised of similar type builders or remodelers from non-competing markets who meet several times a year to share their wisdom and learn from each other ways to improve their operations and increase their bottom lines. Members share and compare financial information, look for trouble spots, and offer each other advice on how to increase their profit ratios and improve their performance

You can learn more here.

I also shot a quick “So what are you going to do when you get back” video. Thank you for the opportunity guys!

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