Stop trying SO hard to create urgency, motivate, increase desire, or manipulate your audience with your marketing decisions. 

Those things have their place, but the brutal reality is that by focusing on making it as easy as possible to do business with you — in every possible way — you will win your unfair share of appointments and sales because it is just too hard to buy from your competition.

Amazon’s approach has been to make it as easy as possible to do business with them. It started decades ago when they introduced user reviews — to lesson our fear about being ripped off. Then they let us know what percentage of people who viewed the item actually bought it. Then they recommended similar product we may have interest in. Then they bundled expedited shipping. Now you can get over 20,000 products in less than 2 hours. Oh, and I can now order with my voice using Alexa.


Amazon Dash buttons let you re-order common items at the touch of a button, and without a computer or phone

The majority of the actual products that Amazon makes are not about selling more of that product at all. They are about making it even easier to buy more books (Kindle), buy more apps and music (their failed phone), or buy more of anything (the Echo, Tap, Dash, and Dot).

The Amazon Dot is the little brother of the Echo

The Dot is the little brother of the Echo

I was able to meet Andreas Weigend, formerly the “chief scientist” at Amazon. This guy was responsible for a lot of the innovations I mentioned earlier. “Google helps people find stuff, but at Amazon we focused on helping people make decisions as fast as possible,” he told me. The results of that kind of focus speaks for itself.

Before I connect the dots, I always like to challenge everyone to do so themselves… how can you make it easier to make a decision to buy a home from you?

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