Another jam packed day on Thursday. There was a lot of energy and it was busy with meetings.

In this video Sarah Yaussi from Big Builder, the hardest working journalist at the show, gives her impression of the show (I definitely echo her sentiments). She is overflowing with information and knowledge .

I talked with James Honeycutt, Director of Sales for Builder Homesite (BHI) – the guys. They have other great products to complete the “digital experience” for homebuilders.

Had lunch with the Bokka Group from Denver, they are now global getting ready to do some work in Australia. (I had to bribe Paula Huggett to go on camera – she pulled it off)

Stopped by the booth and talked to my good friend Dan Sargent – had him talk about some great advertising options for home builders.

We also did a live stream online – first one for the homebuilding industry – I’ll dedicate another post to that later in the week.

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