I get to interview Myers in this latest post on his new book Secrets of New Home Sales Negotiation. Listen to him drop some knowledge and explain why it is critical to “teach your sales team to protect profits”.

About the Book:

Secrets of New Home Sales Negotiation, How to Achieve ‘Yes!’ Every Time.

This groundbreaking field manual will become the new best friend to any home-builder, sales manager, or new home salesperson who is weary of losing sales to the deals, discounts and incentives offered by their competitors. Order it today!

Secrets Of New Home Sales Negotiation will help you transform your approach to negotiating and slice through every obstacle – from price phobias to extreme bargain hunters. Apply the tactics and you’ll overcome your need to concede your position by applying field-tested strategies, proven to deliver success with even the toughest home-buyer.

Guaranteed you’ll learn how to:

  • Power past Price Resistance
  • Overcome your pesky competitors’ deals, discounts, and incentives
  • Negotiate global, selling homes to anyone from any culture
  • Vaccinate yourself against every known objection
  • Apply killer persuasion strategies that close sales like clockwork
  • Discover – and AVOID – the biggest negotiation mistake that even hardcore, new home salespeople make in their presentations
  • Tap into today’s sales strategies that expand the bottom line

Secrets Of New Home Sales Negotiation will unleash your potential to dramatically increase your income, expand the profitability of each sale, and build a following of satisfied customers. Pick up a copy and watch your sales SOAR!

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