The My Home’s Story app was developed to allow builders to post content that buyers will be interested in sharing (photos of their own homes), and making it very easy for the buyers to share that with their friends and family via social media. These shares include a link back to the builder’s website, driving traffic, leads and referral sales. Sound intriguing?

I recently sat down with Kristi Allen at the International Builder’s Show where I had a chance to ask her some questions about the app and how it works:

It is an extremely straight forward approach, which makes it very easy for you team to use. The pricing is also low, and that is why we encourage builders to officially support and endorse the product, but leave it to the individual sales person to cover the minimal monthly cost.

Why am I suggesting this? At the end of the day the app’s success (much like our well known love for BombBomb‘s video email service) comes down to adoption by the individual sales person.

Martha Clifford at Tuskes Homes, a long term client of ours at DYC shared her perspective with me:

“Our customers love the updates they get from us via the app!  However, full adoption of your onsite sales team is critical though to ensure the best experience for your customers. The customers who have the best experience are the ones whose sales person uses the app consistently.  It’s an efficient tool to stay connected to your home buyers from start to finish on their home.”

The stats for Tuskes are pretty good as well. Since Jan 1st of this year they have generated 897 page views with an average time per visit of nearly 5 minutes. Those are some seriously engaged home buyers.

My Home’s Story appears to be another great tool for your team to use, but I encourage your sales people to pay for it to motivate them to stay engaged and updating it regularly – with the builder’s full support and encouragement.

You can learn more about the app by visiting their website.

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