BIS_ShowFor all my California friends, be sure to mark your calendars for BIS 09′ Nov 19th & 20th. I’ll be participating in two events and look forward to some great conversations. Also, be sure to check out Mike Ferry at the Center Stage event and Jeff Shore, both on the 19th. See you in Long Beach.

BIS 2nd Annual Round Table Session
Friday, Nov 20th 9:30am -11:00 am Room 102C

Last year’s first annual BIS Roundtable Session was a raging success. Join the fun this year and sit around the table with industry leaders for interactive and intimate discussions on the issues that are top of mind for home building professionals. No power point presentations, no talking heads. Instead, engage in lively conversations that are relevant to your business, share ideas and brainstorm solutions to today’s most pressing issues, and take advantage of one of the best networking opportunities at BIS.

Social Media – New Fad or New Frontier?
Friday, Nov 20th 1:30-3:00pm Room 103B

At a time when 80 percent of all home purchase searches start online, social media sites have become business critical and it is essential to understand the full implications of Web 2.0 for the sales and marketing of real estate. A group of real estate and Internet executives will discuss the fundamentals of these new virtual gathering places as a vital marketing tool for builders and developers. Starting with the basics—who are using these sites, what makes them an attractive audience for real estate marketing? The panelists will provide their own tips and tricks for maximizing a project’s online presence on these social media sites to sell homes.

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