The 2017 Online Sales & Marketing Summit wrapped a few days ago, and Mike & Jen are here to share their own takeaways from this year’s event.

We also asked the entire DYC team to write their top takeaway down into words:

Mike: “Looking out at an energetic and receptive audience always reinforces why it is so important to have the right person in the seat of online sales. It’s a tough job, one that requires mental resilience and a positive attitude. If the Online Sales Specialist isn’t happy than our customers won’t be happy. I am always encouraged by the professionals that take pride and ownership in this role and push themselves to become better every day.”

Kevin: “I really want to encourage everyone out there that you can do it! There are no secrets or companies out there with exclusive access to how online marketing works today. It can seem overwhelming when you first dive in, but that doesn’t mean you can outsource it all. That’s why we break it down from the bottom up – because we know the best results come when you are able to pull the right levers on your own.

Andrew: “Take Action! You now have the strategies and tactics to increase the quantity of quality leads you are generating and how to track their effectiveness. Take the time to rebuild your AdWords account or setup Google Analtyics to provide yourself and management with meaningful data. Make it happen!”

Jen: “Being an online sales specialist is a tough job. I think of the Summit as a place we can all come together to get renewed, refreshed and re-energized about our careers. We learn and grow from each other both personally and professionally. The network you build can make those feelings last all year long if you use it.”

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