When talking with those in the industry about Facebook, one of the most common questions is “How do we keep our personal information separate from our business information” and vice versa. They are excited about all the possibilities of networking and using Facebook but have concerns about professional connections seeing pictures of their kids, vacation, Halloween parties etc. I am a big advocate of showing your personality on Facebook and sharing that information, but there are definitely times when you want to keep things separate. (if for any reason not to annoy one set of connections or the other)

The great thing about Facebook are the many uses. One might use it primarily to connect with those in the professional world and others might use it only for personal connections. Many times, people want to use it for a little bit of both.

Until recently, many had to make a clear choice of how they were going to use this tool. Now Facebook gives you the option to control WHO sees your posts.

Each time you share content on Facebook, you can now decide who can see it by using controls in the Publisher. Watch this tutorial to learn more about these new Publisher privacy controls.

Of course, first you will have to set up and use your “Friends List” to segment your connections. Once that is done you can start controlling the message better. How can you see yourself using this new option?

You can ready more on Facebook’s blog here: New Tools to Control Your Experience

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