Picture Perfect! Make Your Homes Sparkle Online

Picture Perfect! Make Your Homes Sparkle Online

Apr 17, 2019

Andrew showed us how to prove we need better content in his Blog “Got Content?“. Now that we can prove to management we need it; it’s time to add Amazing content! The bare necessities you need on your site are well-written copy, and a minimum of 30 photos per each floorplan (50 is better). Phase 2 is a video or Matterport tour for each floorplan you build. Then the cool design tool stuff. Let’s tackle photos today because these need to be 100% before you can go to video or that other stuff.

Whether you’re the one taking the new home photos, or you are relying on others to capture your product, you (marketers) are ultimately responsible for the images on your website. And there are few things you can do to set the photographer (sometimes you) up to get the BEST photos.

Use A Wide-angle Lens!

Here is the difference from the same spot! You can see the coffee bar and refrigerator as well as the breakfast area in the wide-angle image. Showing the entire kitchen in the photo gives the viewer a better idea of what the home is actually like in person.

Pick A Sunny Day

Make sure the sun is not rising or setting in your windows. For example, if most of the home gets afternoon sun then photograph the interior of the house in the afternoon. By picking good days and photographing at the right time of day, you can save on editing time. Below you can see why a sunny day is best! 

Show It All🎉

Make sure you have the right angle for each room! By that I mean you can capture the best features of each room. Capture the whole room to give layout context. If you have to pick one of the two images below, pick b. A feels closed off and cluttered.

Shoot from each corner of each room and pick the best 2-3 photos to edit & post. If all four angles look good and it is a common area, use them. No need to put all four images up for bedrooms 2-4+.

In the kitchen, shoot four corners, one head on of the kitchen, and from the kitchen to the great room, then choose several to use including close-ups of the appliances.  Use all six if you want to have 50 photos on your site. I like to post them in a sequence as if the viewer were walking around the kitchen themselves.

Your House Has Jewelry! Show it Off!!!

Show distinctive features close up and in context.

  1. Make It Sparkle!

All lights on/Fans off. Overhead lights are off in A.  Overhead lights are on in B. Having the lights on polishes the quality of the photo.

Bathroom Etiquette

  1. TOILET SEATS DOWN!!!! -We all know which way the water drains.🤪Make sure you can get a dual vanity image without a cameo and separate tub & shower in the reflection of the mirror if the layout will allow. It is best to have a picture of just the tub shower even though you have the reflection in the mirror.

SHhhhh… it’s a secret🤫

Your camera comes with a button that turns on a grid for the view screen. You should use it to make sure the photos are not crooked when you take them.

Photographing Not For You? Delegate To Your Photographer!

A “Shot List” is helpful when having a photographer handle the heavy lifting. By using one, you will make sure to get all the shots you want. Here is an example of a 50 Photo Shot list:

    1. Exterior Front (the whole front is sunny, green grass)
    2. ¾ view if the side elevation is interesting
    3. Entry
    4. Kitchen wide -Head on
    5. Kitchen wide -at an angle showing depth and any appliances located on one wall
    6. Kitchen wide -at an angle showing breakfast area
    7. Highlight sink,
    8. Highlight stove
    9. Remaining Appliances
    10. From the kitchen to the great room
    11. Great room wide -showing the best features windows/fireplace/both
    12. Feature fireplace
    13. Great room from a juxtaposing angle showing kitchen in the background
    14. Architectural details if present, Tray, Coiffeur, Wainscoting, shiplap, built-ins, etc.
    15. Owner’s bedroom from a corner to give perspective
    16. Owners bedroom juxtaposing corner
    17. 3rd view of owner’s bedroom
    18. Owners bathroom
    19. Tub & walk-in shower
    20. Water closet
    21. Walk-in closet
    22. Formal Dining -head on
    23. Formal dining at an angle
    24. Office -angle
    25. Office -Alternant angle
    26. Sunroom 1
    27. Sunroom 2
    28. Laundry 1
    29. Laundry 2
    30. Second Bedroom (closet closed)
    31. Second Bedroom 2 -different angle (closet open)
    32. Second Bedroom Alternate angle
    33. Second Bath
    34. Second bath features
    35. Third Bedroom (closet closed)
    36. Third Bedroom 2 -different angle (closet open)
    37. Third Bedroom Alternate angle
    38. Third Bath
    39. Third bath features
    40. Third Bedroom (closet closed)
    41. Third Bedroom 2 -different angle (closet open)
    42. for bedrooms 4 and up
    43. for baths 4 and up
    44. Loft
    45. Loft alternative angle
    46. Garage at an angle
    47. Rear Exterior
    48. Patio/Deck
    49. Backyard from the house
    50. Backyard from the back boundary to the house

(editing of the photos will need to take place, but that is for another day)

Getting Nerdy!

When you upload the photos to the back end of your website make sure you label the photo with text, and your site has the capability to use that text as your alt text. So simple and it helps with SEO!

Make sure your website is set up to use the photos in the “buildable plan images” until actual photos can be uploaded for the exact inventory home, this way you will always be able to show your best photos on your website!!!

Increase Your Reach Digitally

Push your compelling content to the wide advertising web! You may have to update your CMS to include latitude & longitude fields for each listing. And manually paste them into your listings when adding to the website. Have your developer install the API from your website CMS to Zillow (if you promote your listings), it can copy the images, and video from your listings on your site through to the promoted listings on Zillow. It will automatically update a listing with any changes overnight! Your Amazing new photos will be impactful on your website and in all of your digital marketing!!!!!

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