Online Sales Specialists – Know When to Pivot

Online Sales Specialists – Know When to Pivot

Jun 7, 2021 | By Jen Barkan

Pivot!If you’re a fan of the television showFriends, the wordpivotprobably brings visions of a couch stuck in a stairwell as Ross yells, “Pivot” at Rachel and Chandler. For online sales specialists, learning how to pivot has been integral to having success in this ever-changing market. 

The role of an online sales specialist can be overwhelming with so many new things coming at us. Every week we hear about new challenges. Online sales specialists are often faced with unfamiliar situations leaving them unsure how to respond. So what do you do when you don’t know what to do? It comes down to two skills–staying focused on the most important things and knowing when to pivot. 

If you have this combination of being able to focus on what you can control, while still maintaining the flexibility to pivot with the shifts in the market, you’ll be unstoppable. 

Focus on What You Know

Customers are now in a unique situation. They’re often confused, frustrated, and scrambling to find a home. In this crazy market, online sales specialists don’t always have the answers customers are wanting. Not to mention that today’s answers might be different than tomorrow’s answers, and that’s okay! 

Each lead is unique, but with each lead, focus on what you DO know and how you can help them. It’s not always easy because a lot of things may be out of your control, includingthe sheer volume of responsive leads, cranky customers, and what’s happening onsite. No matter what, you have control over how you respond, and you have an important role to play in communicating with leads about what they can expect. 

Focus on Adding Value 

The foundational concepts Do You Convert coaches have taught since day one still apply. Things like responding quickly and providing great customer service will always be relevant. When you’re feeling unsure, go back to your roots and stick to the basic concepts that have proven to be true. Focus on responding quickly, providing personalized follow up, and adding value everywhere you can.

We don’t deny new challenges exist. Sometimes appointments can’t be set when homesites or inventory homes aren’t available. Sales can be capped or intentionally slowed because of limited availability, which is leading to largerpriority lists or waitlists

It can be frustrating, but when you’re stuck, stop and consider how you can add value to your organization in today’s market. Here are some actions where you can continue to direct your focus despite the market changes.

  • Setting quality appointments over quantity appointments with the onsite sales team. 
  • Informing buyers about the industry and trends impacting buyers directly by providing more information than before and taking more time with leads.
  • Maintaining VIP Coming Soon Lists and Waitlists. 
  • Managing expectations with leads with transparency and authenticity. 

If you continue to focus on adding value, everyone will benefit. 

Pivot to a New Solution

Even though we’re continuing to focus on the basics, we can’t ignore the fact that this is a unique market, so don’t be afraid to try something new! What you were doing last year may not fit with today’s market. If something isn’t working, try a different tactic and see if you get a better result. This will serve the homebuyer and keep things fresh and interesting for you. 

If you see an issue or inefficiency, put on your problem-solving hat. These challenges can give you an opportunity to shine in your role. One example we’ve seen of this is the increased use of templates to deal with the time it takes to respond to similar questions multiple times. Create templates for emails and/or video emails to simplify your conversations with customers. Just don’t forget to make them look and feel personal. 

Pivot Your Mindset 

Online sales specialists are masters of pivoting. Through training, we know how to pivot a conversation with a homebuyer. We now need to also learn to pivot our mindset and think about things from a different perspective. 

We can look at this new and changing market as a burden, or we can look at it as an opportunity for growth. If new online sales specialists are being added to your team, you can choose to be anxious about how the changes will affect you, or you can choose to pivot your mindset to appreciate the flexibility and work/life balance it can bring you. You can choose to let waitlists frustrate you or you can pivot your mindset to focus on stepping up to provide the best communication possible for a challenging process. 

If we can thrive in these times, it will only increase our skills and confidence and boost our organization’s appreciation for what online sales has to offer as the first personal contact with most customers. 

You just need the ability to pivot and a continued focus on the relationships within your organization and with your customers, and you’ll continue to flourish in your role as an online sales specialist. If you want to hear me talk more about this topic with Jen Barkan, check outEpisode 13 of Online People Talking.

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