In Online Sales, Focus on What You Can Control

In Online Sales, Focus on What You Can Control

Dec 31, 2019 | By Jen Barkan

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It’s hard enough establishing the importance of the Online Sales role. We hear all the time, “People don’t really understand what I do.” Ok, so how can you change that? Stop worrying about things outside of your control and start owning the things that you can.

When youfocus on what you can control, what does that look like? Stop waiting for someone else to take over, put on your big girl pants, and get after it.💪

It’s on you to:

Educate Your Team

The reason many sales people don’t understand what you do is that you haven’t clearly articulated it. Create a new hire curriculum that explains what you do and stresses the importance of the appointment setting process. Learn howRachel Starratt with Red Door Homes accomplished this inOnline People Talking Ep 2: Onboarding Your Sales Team. 

Recognize Good Behavior

In every meeting with your sales team you should hand out a “Tag Team Award.” This is for successful handoffs, great communication, sales from an appointment, or great CRM usage. Everyone loves recognition, even if it’s a $5 Starbucks gift card.

Know Your Numbers

It’s up to you to share the success of the program and reinforce the contribution it is making. So, you need to know your numbers and conversion rates. Personally, I always liked to have a pulse on my commission check too.💡

Create a Backup Plan

Feel like you never get a day off? Have you outlined a backup plan? “But Jen, nobody will do this right…” Yup. But talk to me when you’ve run too hot for too long. “But Jen, people just assume I’m always working, even on vacation.” I wonder why? Have you always worked, even on vacation? Then that’s what they expect. It’s on you to ask for time off and establish a clear backup plan.

Create the Coming Soon Process

Maybe you don’t have good info. Maybe the grand opening date is a moving target. But what you should have is a way to collect interested people in your CRM and start talking to them. Just because the process isn’t perfect doesn’t mean you ignore it. Remember, coming soon communities are a gold mine for appointments and sales.

Stay Ahead of The Curve

Your role is unique; the job is highly specialized. If you are looking for training and resources from within your organization, you will probably be disappointed. Jump into online groups like Selling New Homes Onlineon Facebook and connect with other Online Sales Specialists, attend a new class, listen to a new podcast, or read a new book. Anything on inside sales and marketing will do the trick. And for goodness’ sake, if you want to go to a conference, you have to walk in and ask if you can go. No points for shyness.

It’s time for you to step up and take ownership. Think like a solopreneur. The Online Sales program is YOUR business, and you are the CEO (Chief Everything Online). It’s up to you to focus on what you can control. So, get started!

The original article, titled “It’s On You”, was published August 27, 2018.


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