Facebook Live: Persistence Kills Resistance

Facebook Live: Persistence Kills Resistance

Oct 13, 2021 | By Julie Jarnagin

Mike Lyon and Jen Barkan went live on Facebook to discuss the latest market shifts and how online sales specialists should respond to this changing landscape. 

We’re seeing new home prices climb to the top of the market; however, homebuyer urgency isn’t necessarily matching the increase. This is causing things to feel slower for some. But we must consider whether the market is really “slow” or if we’re simply returning to “normal.” No matter the market, we can succeed by continuing to focus on the right things.

Nurturing Leads 

More homebuyers are beginning to question whether now is really the best time to buy, leaving us with more objections to address. Instead of trying to convince people to buy, it’s time to dive back into lead nurturing. We were previously forced to pull back on things like video email, prospecting, and the quality of the handoff process. Now is the time to add those things back into the fold. 

Homebuyers are often anxious about purchasing a home in this market. You can do your part to make the customer experience as enjoyable as possible by inserting yourself in their new home search and rolling out the red carpet. Be prepared to go further and deeper with your customers and to ask the right questions. We’re also going to need to know more about our communities, homes, and what’s happening onsite. Study up so that you can confidently move your customer through the process. 

Examining Habits 

With these adjustments in the market, we must consider what habits we’re carrying into this shift. Online sales specialists must make sure their habits are offsetting the shifts that are happening. This requires us to reset, going back to the foundational things that we know work. 

Jen is encouraging online sales specialists to focus on their skills, focus on setting goals, and focus on their self-image. You can read all about how to best prepare for what’s to come in herNo OSC Left Behind post

Choosing Persistence 

The great news is that online sales specialists are especially crucial in a down market. The work can be harder during a time like this, but it can also be a lot more rewarding. By nurturing your leads and prioritizing persistence, you’ll outlast the others and you’ll be in front of the homebuyer when they’re ready to make a decision to move forward. As Mike likes to say: Persistence kills resistance!

We’re in a great industry that continually brings fun, new challenges. The ebbs and flows never get old. Take a step back and look at what you’ve accomplished and where you’re going. We’re in this together!

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