Ep 323: Fitting The Mold

Ep 323: Fitting The Mold

Jan 30, 2024 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

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In this episode, Andrew Peek is joined by Julie Jarnagin and Jackie Lipinski. The three discuss building a social media following and the commitment it takes to create content over a long period of time, observing that most people become deflated before any progress is made. They discuss the predicted new home design trends and discuss what they prefer and what they would like in their own homes.

Story Time (05:23)

  • Julies in-laws are searching for a second home near her family and has observed the different aspects of a home that they have to watch out for that they normally wouldn't have to consider in a different area.
  • Jackie bought a new oven and her husband has been vigilant about getting a refund from the appliance company during the refund period whenever the price drops.Kevin visited a builder in Colorado and had two takeaways.
  • Andrew ponders the methods of building a social media following.

The News (23:15)

Things We Love Things We Hate (40:52)

  • Andrew’s favorite is “Yellowstone” as well as his personal traveling medicine cabinet. 
  • Jackie loves Care.com to find last minute childcare and she enjoys her Toast Masters class.
  • Julie said Cepacol will save the day if you’re sick, and her son is now in driving school and she’s glad she doesn’t have to do the driving part with him.

Questions? Comments? Email show@doyouconvert.com and we’ll address them on the next episode. More insights, discussions, and opportunities can be found at DYC: All Access.

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