Ep 317: The Vibe Session

Ep 317: The Vibe Session

Dec 21, 2023 | By Market Proof Marketing Podcast

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In this episode, Kevin Oakley is joined by Julie Jarnagin and a returning, Jackie Lipinski! Kevin starts the episode by challenging Jackie and Julie to a rapid word association game. The team discusses how to discover who your audience is and the importance of catering to them and no one else. Kevin shares his disdain for programmatic advertising and educates the group on “The Vibe Session '' which is a term for when we’re not necessarily worse off but we feel like we are. Jackie urges that when using incentives sales teams need to remember that homes are a luxury item and should be treated as such.

Story Time (02:25)

  • Jackie read a lot of marketing books on maternity leave and the overarching message from all of them was to understand your audience and that you shouldn’t reach everyone.
  • Julie’s son received a letter from Santa that was personalized and it made her realize how important real and authentic personalization is. Julie has started a food diary and has noticed that it’s like analytics.
  • Kevin has been a bit boggled that some builders didn’t realize DYC offered marketing.

The News (25:12)

Things We Love Things We Hate (54:36)

  • Julie has discovered Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter and LOVES it!
  • Kevin liked Bryce Baker's post on LinkedIn about not waiting for January 1st to start change.
  • Jackie enjoyed "Hidden Potential" by Adam Grant.

Questions? Comments? Email show@doyouconvert.com and we’ll address them on the next episode. More insights, discussions, and opportunities can be found at DYC: All Access.

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