We have talked about importance of grabbing the attention of your website visitors in the first few seconds of their visit. People have short attention spans (hey you – pay attention, this blog isn’t over yet) on the internet, it is even shorter.

Do you want to see how your website stacks up in the first 5 seconds? Check out Clue. It is a free web tool that creates super-fast memory tests on screenshots of webpages and lets you see the results. The really nice part, no registration, no user name, no logging in. Maybe you have a website that could use some redesigning, or you’re just about ready to launch a new site. You’ll want to give visitors the best user experience possible. Clue is a great way to see what is memorable about your site.

Go ahead, test yourself. Click on a page that you’ve never visited before and count to 5. If nothing grabs you in that 5 seconds you probably would have gone elsewhere. Try out Clue yourself by going to the website. Clue even gives you the ability to share the test on your Facebook or send to friends by giving you a personal URL. Clue will store your results and you can check back any time to see the information.

Use your results to compare to the competition, make sure your site represents your business and get ideas for a redesign. Clue is great app to use, share and discover how to make your website better.