Speed, Process, Persistence and Personalization. All the cornerstones of “next level” follow up.

At DYC, we always dive deep into these best practices during our training sessions and presentations. Once they are over, you can see it in the eyes of a few sales professionals. Their wheels are turning, they have questions, and their excited but maybe a little anxious about putting these new practices to work.

Inevitably, the questions come:

“Mike, this seems like a lot of contact”

“Mike, do I HAVE to send video emails?”

“But Mike, I don’t want to annoy our prospects”

“Mike, I don’t want to answer an email at 9:47 at night”

“Can’t we just automate it all?”

My favorite question is:

“Mike, how do I know if this is working?”

Beyond the obvious answer of more sales I tell them “you know it’s working when people start offering you a job” That’s right, you are going to cross paths with home buyers that run companies or sales organizations. They should be so impressed with your level of customer service that they’ll try to recruit you. That’s how you’ll know if you’re doing it right.  (Don’t jump ship. The grass is brown everywhere, but always greener where you water it.)

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