The position of an Online Sales Counselor is still relatively new compared to the traditional Onsite Sales Agent. There are many opinions for structuring this position and defining the primary and secondary functions. For every builder it will be slightly different depending on size and need.

One area of confusion is “How far should an OSC go in the sales process”

Some builders view this position as another sales agent who can manage all the leads from the internet and will sell in every neighborhood. They set up this position to handle the customer from initial contact to writing a contract.

Other builders use this person primarily to qualify leads, provident consistent follow up and set appointments. (thats how I do it)

From the feedback I have heard from both sides, I feel it is best to have an OSC focus on unbiased qualification of a lead and work to set the appointment as quickly as possible. This is the inherent uniqueness of the position and what encourages higher conversion rates.

As you know, some of the most time consuming functions of the onsite agents are closing sales, holding the deal together, staying on top of financing, and dealing with the customer issues. That is fine, that is where they make their money. Generally, this is why onsite agents do not have the time or motivation to respond quickly and consistently with the leads. Would you be motivated to spend a good part of your day on leads that will only result in a 20% chance of showing up on an appointment?

From this need, the position of the OSC was born. If you make the OSC just like the onsite sales agent – the results will inevitably be the same, low conversion rates.

To produce higher conversion rates from the internet leads, you will need to implement a new style of sales person – the Online Sales Counselor.

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