Building a home is an experience, not a transaction. Alaina Money, Sales Manager at Garman Homes, has taken this reality to the masses with her blog, Having sold many homes, Alaina decided she needed to get the perspective of her buyers. Convinced it would make her a better sales manager, she went into the trenches with the construction crew and got an insider’s view into the process—and has been blogging about it.

Recently I had the chance to visit with Alaina —aka “A Money”—and Jim Garman via Skype about the experiences.

Alaina Money Interview

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Jim Garman Interview

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Lively, witty, fun, and informative, Alaina uses the blogging medium to give the outside world an inside look, not just at the home-building process, but of the people of Garman Homes. “Our best asset is our people and we want people to get to know us better. Then they know we’ll do the right thing,” Alaina told me. “The blog brings people into the experience—the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Jim Garman, owner of Garman Homes, supports Alaina’s transparency because her openness is building trust. He says, “The generation that is going to be buying homes the next 10 years is all about transparency. They want to see the people behind the company. Alaina makes people feel like they are part of the adventure so they’re okay with a mistake here and there. Alaina has blogged about a few tough issues. At a larger company that blog might have been censored.”

In addition to transparency, Alaina infuses passion into her posts, which currently number 40, and counting. Jim says Alaina’s engaging blog “is not about selling homes. Being memorable is the most important thing. Marketing is about being memorable, which means taking a few risks.”

A few key points that Alaina feels are important to having a successful blog is to

      1) Write in the style that you enjoy reading;
      2) Make your blog honest and don’t be afraid to put it all out there; and
      3) Pick a reliable partner who will provide productive feedback.

Using blogging and social media as a building block to making a good impression is an important aspect of marketing in our Web 2.0 world. A blog can be used for many years and implemented in marketing campaigns for unlimited use. A blog itself is free, but you have to invest your time and your passion. Build on a story that people want to follow. Your blog can be your blueprint to success!

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