Often, there’s a gap between the expectations and realities of working in a digital age with younger generations. What we’ve noticed is that we need to decode a lot of their statements and feelings on management, leadership, and ownership. Mike’s latest article in Professional Builder Magazine looks at some land mines you’ll want to avoid, and better ways to respond that will help bridge the demographic gap dividing the ranks in many companies today.

  1. “So how am I doing? What did you think?”
  2. “Why can’t I work from home?”
  3. “I’m feeling …”
  4. “I don’t like to talk on the phone. Texting is easier.”

Mike shares that “current workplace realities show us that we must attract and groom younger talent. Just because you don’t immediately relate to them doesn’t mean you can’t connect. The younger generation wants mentors, structure, and guidance. They’re coachable, moldable, energetic, and smart. They’re also independent and opinionated. They bring fresh perspective to these roles and can generate amazing results—if we don’t try to make them be just like us.”

You can read the full article by clicking the image below:

Professional Builder Magazine - August 2017