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My phone rings, “Mom” pops up on the caller ID. She leaves me a voicemail so I do what any loving son would do, I text her “hey mom, what do you want”. In which she promptly replies, “I want u to pick up the phone and call your mother!”

Right or wrong, in our digitally driven world, communication has changed. Most people use their phone more to text than to make calls. And it makes sense, we want to quickly pass along our message and not spend valuable time chatting on the phone. It’s an asynchronous medium, one in which we can read, ponder, and reply on our own time—unlike a phone call where the person on the other end of the line is waiting for an immediate response.

Text messages are also read more quickly than emails—90 seconds versus two hours. So, if you want to grab someone’s attention, texting seems to be the way to go.

I’m often asked how texting fits into the new home sales process. My answer is, “Carefully.”

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