Nothing to Fear - The Future of Marketing New Homes

Getting leads for your communities and homes is simple in the year 2018. It’s not always easy to wade through all the digital options at your fingertips, and until you learn the unique language of each platform it can feel foreign. However, once you have a firm grip on the basics, getting leads is straightforward. In truth, we often see that today people are attempting to make it more complex than it really is and getting poorer results for it.

For example, a Facebook ad covering your offerings for the entire city will often perform better – as much as 70% better – than an ad trying to sell a specific inventory home. It seems too easy, and so instead teams try to build ever more intricate (dare I say “A.I.-like”?) if-then statement campaign flows (if they see ad A and click on it then serve them ad B, then ad C unless they have been on the site 3 or more times and then serve ad D). What follows are typically poor results, but now the system is so complex that no one’s quite sure how to fix it. This wasted energy on chasing the next big thing is a challenge in any industry – but especially damaging to home builders because they are already risk-averse. So why does this happen? Fear.

As humans, our brains are wired to think that complex = bad and easy = good… except perhaps when it comes to marketing strategy. Then something tells us that complex = smart. Complex = sophisticated. I’ve seen many companies spend years of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars on a “smarter” CRM / marketing automation system that never really even get off the ground. It’s all the fault of the hype-cycle, and our fear of being left behind. We’ll dive into it more deeply at PCBC this year, but here’s a brief outline.

the digital marketing hype-cycle

Eventually, things will radically change – usually in a way no one quite expected, and there are no silver bullets. However, at Do You Convert we believe that there is a way to embrace this change while at the same time skipping out on all the wasted energy that comes from getting sucked up into the hype-cycle. That’s what this year’s marketing session at PCBC will spend most of the time covering – the opportunities on the horizon that we can see, how to tackle the ones we can’t, and how to invest your resources wisely today so you have enough energy to ride the wave of innovation that lies ahead while leaving fear behind.

We hope to see you there! (more on the hype-cycle coming soon if you can’t make it)

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