How to Marry Traditional and New Media for Bliss-Filled Lead Generation

Just because “new marketing” takes you in the direction of online/social media that doesn’t mean that traditional means should be shelved. The two can live in harmony, complementing one another to deliver the best outcome.

Consider an integrated marketing strategy. This means that you blend several methods, using the same message for consistency, to attract a prospect. For example, sending a postcard to a targeted demographic. In spite of current technological advances and contrary to popular belief, direct mail is not dead. In fact it is far from it. The only difference is that people will be responding to your offer by going online, not calling a toll-free number any more.

At the same time, email those people (you do have their email addresses, right?) using an email service like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp or your CRM.

Depending on how you handle your analytics, you can determine who looked at the page and then follow up with these people.

Other traditional networking techniques, like mixers, seminars, education events will contribute to your lead generation and sales success. What social networking contributes is the ability to:

  • Expand your reach and connect you with more prospects who are focused on the online communities
  • Present you as more current, savvy, and hip
  • Provide a means for you to stay in touch with more people, more often, so you can build more (and stronger) relationships
  • Deliver and reinforce your presence on yet another forum

Social networking is not intended to replace your marketing successes, but enhance them. In fact, I have seen many companies and sales executives get excited, go crazy, get discouraged and then quit—all in the matter of 90 days. I’ll say it again—this will take time! Consider it a new venue in which to cultivate the ever-crucial relationships that keep you in business.

Side Note: Just because you have this shiny new communication tool doesn’t mean you throw away the old ones. If you want to drum up business, pick up the phone or send a personalized email follow-up. This direct contact still bears a lot of weight. Now that you can comment on someone’s status or send a direct message on Twitter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend some quality time prospecting by using proven methods. It is really hard to “prospect” on Facebook without looking like a parasite—you know “that guy”. Yes, you can enhance conversations and learn more about a person, but nothing beats dialing for dollars.

Side, Side Note: This is hard and requires a commitment. Oh, did I mention it will take awhile? Ok, just checking.

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