New home sales is often a game of momentum. Launch new communities like a rocket, and it makes keeping momentum through the life of the project a lot easier. Presale Without Fail has been used across the U.S. and Canada to launch communities of all shapes and sizes. You’ll learn the secrets to maximum results inside this ebook.

As I was developing the process I knew it worked when a community that had not sold more than 8 homes in an entire year used it to sell 8 homes in the first day of a new phase. There was nothing different or more exciting about the home sites – it was the Presale Without Fail process that created additional urgency and scarcity.

Originally published in 2011, it was downloaded over 2,000 times by real estate professionals around the US and Canada. Many of whom reached out and shared stories of their success. Today an all new version 2.0 of the book is available as a free download. It has over 25% more content, and dives deeper into nearly every aspect of the process. I hope you enjoy it, but I hope you sell a lot of profitable homes even more.

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