For those of you who haven’t heard yet – Seth Godin will be presenting at PCBC this year. I am pretty amped about this. It is exciting to see this industry embrace his theory.

On that note – a recent post from Mr. Godin (may I call you Seth) highlights a few predictions:

Prediction: there will be no significant newspapers printed on newsprint in the US by 2012. So, you’ve got two and a half years before the newspaper industry is going to be doing something else with the news and the ads, or not be there at all. Does that change what you do today if you work in this business?

Prediction: 90% of your sales will come from word of mouth or digital promotion by 2011. How do you change what you’re doing today to be ready for that?

Prediction: The effort required to outsource a task involving the manipulation of data of any kind will continue to decrease until it will be faster and cheaper to outsource just about anything than it will be to use in-house talent. What will you do today to ensure your prosperity when that happens?

He makes this statement at the end, “It seems to me that if you know the old world is about to end, you’d run like crazy to master the new one.”

Now – Seth has been predicting for a while now – and so far, has a pretty good track record. In the home building industry, I think we can all learn from these predictions.

As I have been saying for the past year – I think there are builders that are finally in enough pain that changing is actually a better option than remaining the same.

I have a prediction as well, savvy new home building companies will be formed by younger principals that “get” internet marketing and the new consumer. They will find capital and buy up cheap lots becoming a competitive force in new markets – seriously challenging the larger builders. Do you have any predictions of your own?

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