LeslieI recently asked a fellow OSC to comment on her 4 years of experience and what she has learned. Leslie Loveless works with Mattamy Homes in North Carolina and was a huge resource for me when I first started in my position. Check out what she has to say below. Thanks Leslie!

A few things I have learned in almost 4 years as an OSC.

  1. It is important to remember that an OSC is a marketing tool to drive traffic to the salespeople that you serve. An OSC is an advertisement to attract qualified buyers to the salespeople in the model homes. Do not make the mistake of giving out too much information even though you know a lot. Do not give the customer a reason to eliminate you as a builder. Keep them wanting more information or they have no reason to visit the neighborhood. Avoid divulging any incentives or bonuses available at the community the customer is going to tour as this will steal the thunder from the salesperson you serve.

  2. An OSC serves the salespeople. Be sure to treat the salespeople with respect and to treat them fairly. You and the salespeople work as a team. Let your customer know what a wonderful person they are about to meet at the model home. An OSC is an asset to a company hiring new salespeople. It is a bonus to have a live person working to get business for you seven days a week.

  3. An OSC should have some sort of incentive to give to the customer if they book an appointment through them. It can be something that they only receive if they actually buy from you. People, by nature, do not like to make appointments. If they understand they will get something just for showing up, there is more than a 50% chance they will keep the appointment. One out of every three appointments kept will buy from you. The statistics are great. The internet traffic that makes an appointment are as good as be backs, so, it pays off big to offer the customers a bonus to walk through the model home door. A bigger bonus still, is that the builder probably will not have to pay a Realtor fee.

  4. Always ask the customer to tour the model home. If they live out of town, ask when they are coming for a visit. Generally, if they do not tour the community,they will not buy and you will not be paid, so, you must get them to the neighborhood.

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