The online sales world is constantly shifting, and so are ways of measuring success. Here’s an update.

  1. Lead to Appointment Benchmark Changed From 20+% to 30+%
  2. Appointment to Sale Benchmark Changed From 30+% to 20+%
  3. Percentage of Sales: Big Bump From 25%

Mike shares “Comparing ourselves with others is part of human nature, and it can be helpful to push us to tackle the hard work that’s needed to improve. I’m often asked if the conversion numbers and benchmarks that I shared the previous year are still the same. With the constant change in the world of online sales and marketing, how do those benchmarks stand the test of time? Let’s look at the numbers and see how they’ve evolved over the past five years. Builders, I encourage you to cross-check your own conversion rates to see where you stand. As you diagnose each part of the funnel, you may find opportunities to create more sales.”

You can read the full article by clicking the image below:

Professional Builder Magazine - Jan 2018

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