Last week I was asked to provide a recommended reading list by a Vice President at one of the top general real state companies in the nation. It prompted me to dust off an older reading list I had and freshen it up to be ultra relevant in today’s world. The list is too extensive to list in its entirety (although drop me an email at  and I’ll be happy to send you a copy), but here are my top picks on the topics of Branding, Marketing, & Buyer Psychology:



This is REQUIRED reading for anyone in the business of getting people to take action. These principles of influence have been tested and proven to work in all types of societies, people groups, and ethnic groups (uh oh – how can you use “well – my market is different” as an excuse now?!). His work is one of the fundamental influences on my book Presale Without Fail, and the key to it’s success.


You know you’ve met people like this in your life… “I think marketing, advertising, branding… it’s just a waste of energy and money.” This book will give you the tools to help these kinds of people understand why generic drugs are less effective than brand names, why coffee in a fancy cup physically tastes better, etc. Learn to backup your hard work with data with this gem.


The best general overview of what branding is – and what it is not. Another fundamental work to give you the right mind frame when tackling this topic. A quick and easy read that you’ll go back to time and time again.


Wait. What is a book about selling doing on the marketing and branding list? Pink’s fantastic work is a great summary of how marketing teams need to support and position their sales teams for success. There should no longer be a wall separating your sales and marketing teams. Tight integration between both groups will lead you on the path to success, because everyone is in the business of selling.


What do you get when you ask people to make purchasing decisions while their brain is being scanned with the latest technology? This book. You’ll gain wonderful insight into what does, and what doesn’t, truly impact our purchasing behaviors. Prepare to have some myths busted.


I first read Crossing the Chasm back in 2003, but the lessons still apply today. You’ll uncover how to cross the gap from early adopters (those first people who buy in a new community) and the mass market. You can apply these lessons on the community level, but also to your brand as a whole. A word of caution, this is a bit more technically written than the others – so take your time going through it.


Most books on branding are weighted toward either a strategic or creative approach, this book shows how both ways of thinking can unite to produce a killer brand. Apple has taught us the power of unifying both approaches to create a stronger holistic approach. People will try to copy your strategy, but execution (and great design) is where your competition will stumble – and there is your opportunity.


Admit it – you’d rather see pretty pictures and captivating video than read lines of text. So would your buyers! You no longer need to pay thousands of dollars each time you want to capture great content. Technology continues to push the envelope and make it less expensive to get amazing results.


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