In any given week, plenty of marketing problems need your attention. You’re stretched thin by numerous demands on your energy and focus, and it’s tempting to seek an easy solution. But easy solutions rarely turn out as we expect. They run over budget, extend past deadline, or cause added chaos and confusion for your internal and external customers. For many of us, fighting off competing demands in order to focus and accurately identify the problem is the biggest challenge. Where to begin?

Kevin’s latest article in Professional Builder Magazine gives you the four step process to go through when considering which problem is worth solving first, and then how to execute the right solution.

  1. The Problem: Define It Clearly
  2. Strategy: Make A Plan To Succeed
  3. Content: Serve The Strategy First
  4. Distribution: Find The Attention / Price Sweet Spot

As the market continues to gain momentum, it’s all too easy to get distracted, accept too many projects at once, or mistake an urgent project for an important one. With this four-step process for selecting and implementing solutions to challenges faced by your company or your prospects, you’ll have the maximum impact possible on your company’s success.

You can read the full article by clicking the image below:

Professional Builder Magazine - October 2017

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