In this video, I discuss the importance of utilizing a CRM or Lead Management tool. (WARNING! It gets heated when I talk about sales managers using the system too…but it is all out of love.) Let’s face it; this is not a sexy topic. Most sales execs roll their eyes when I bring it up.

However, despite the geek speak, this is usually the missing tool that can set your sales on fire. Why? Did you know surveys have shown that most sales people (yes, even the good ones) tend to focus on the top 5% of their prospects? The question is, what happens with the other 95%? What is the process? We know that you have the top 5% covered; you can manage them in your sleep. But that isn’t how you increase sales.

You may be thinking , “Mike, I do a much better job than that.” OK…here is a little test…name your top prospects right now. Give me their  first and last names. Can you make it past 3? I have yet to see a sales executive do this when I ask. It  is impossible to focus on 100% of your prospects 100% of the time. We are not capable. This is where our CRM comes in handy. It gives us permission to forget. I suggest you use it as a crutch, your digital assistant, your amplifier that allows you to accomplish more and work smarter

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