Do you have leads that have become lifeless and unresponsive? Well, get out the paddles and charge them up. It’s time to shock them back to life with what I call “lead resuscitation”.

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Many of you have a growing database of prospects. It’s filled with leads who have visited, called, or emailed you. This database should be the lifeblood to your sales efforts, but what are you doing with it? Are you just looking for more prospects to file into your database or do you actively cultivate the possibilities that are tucked in there?

Don’t just focus on the here and now. Avoid the temptation of the bright, shiny object that could detract from tending to this database that is chock full of potential sales. In other words, breathe new life into your leads.

There are three easy ways to resuscitate your dormant leads:

  1. Organize your database. Keep your database up-to-date. Take one hour a week to clean it up and tend to the list. Segment the leads into areas so that when you go to do your follow-up, you can easily focus on specific groups, like those who have either not responded at all or just not lately.
  2. Create an email. Develop a follow-up email that you can personalize to your prospects. Using this format, you can follow-up more often with more leads. For example, take a chunk of leads that are six to nine months old and craft an email marketing message. Make the email appear as personal as possible—without getting too specific—and mail it to the group all at once. Done! Now you’ve maximized your time and potentially revived some of dying leads.
  3. Pick up the phone. Yes, go old school. Make personal contact with those people you just emailed. Combining the one-two punch of email and phone follow-up is like charging up those defibrillator paddles and zapping those leads with your sales pizzazz.

You might be surprised by how many of those prospects are still in the market. You’ll probably also encounter many who have had a change in their situation and, because you’re the only one following up, you hit them at the perfect time to convert the lead into a sale!

Don’t let your valuable leads die. Shock them back into the home-buying mode. I promise, it won’t hurt a bit.

I hope these tips are helpful, and welcome your thoughts and ideas!

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