Myers Barnes, a good friend and mentor of mine told me years ago that if I wanted to double my income, read an hour a day. And surprise! It actually works. I consume books, blog posts, and articles that are applicable to our industry and I’ve decide to begin doing some book reviews so that you can benefit from the great pool of knowledge out there.

This video post is about a book called Delivering Happiness by Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh. This is a great book about creating company culture through customer service and at the same time building experiences. Already a #1 New York Times Best seller, Hsieh shares lessons learned both in business and in life from the creation of his billion dollar business.

Check out my post and learn about the three main takeaways this book has to offer the building, real estate and online sales industries.

Check out what Tony has to say about the book, his motivation, and why Zappos was a ground breaking way of motivating both customers and employees.

Hsieh says, “The best businesses are the ones that can really combine passion, profits, and purpose.” How are you going to integrate this into your industry?

This amazing resource has been downloaded over 3,000 times by real estate professionals all over the world.