I can’t remember where this quote came from… I think a podcast, or a book… forgive me whoever said it first.

“The last impression is the lasting impression” 

That’s deep right. It is something to think about in the customer experience.

We just finished our new home.  We designed it, we love it, but the last month was brutal. My wife had a hard time getting past all of the little things going wrong and it created a not-so-fun experience at the end.

That is the lasting impression for us and it will take a while to get that taste out of our mouth.

Attention sales pros! We talk to hundreds of prospects, we sell a lot of homes, we say the same things over and over, it can become robotic. I encourage you (and you too Mike Lyon) to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and do everything you can to make sure they have an enjoyable experience.


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