In the latest article for Builder Online, Robyn Griggs Lawrence shares that builders waste potential sales by ignoring prospective buyers! She interviews Mike Lyon, and some of our friends including Martha Clifford of Tuskes Homes, Chris Hartley of the formerly Dunhill now Trendmaker Homes, Elizabeth Breitenstein with Fischer Homes, and Astrid De Lima of The Neighborhoods at EYA. They discuss the importance of following up and how responding quickly and personally impacts sales in a positive way.

  • Responding quickly leads to more sales
  • Work your database to find the leads that are ready and re-engage them.
  • Use good conversion and positive energy to show them you care
  • Stop leaving money on the table and follow up!

Mike shares “They’re not glorified secretaries just setting up appointments,” he says. “They’re virtual salespeople. When they do it right, by the time they hand off the lead, they should be almost halfway through the sales process. That makes buyers more likely to go to contract, most times on that first visit.”

You can read the full article by clicking the image below:

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