Why (and How) to Right-Size Your Online Sales Program

Why (and How) to Right-Size Your Online Sales Program

Dec 3, 2020 | By Mike Lyon

Source: probuilder.com

When all of this COVID craziness hit, restaurants had to scramble. Your favorite spot had to pivot from inside dining to curbside pickup and/or delivery. Restaurants totally shifted their business models to address the surge in online and call-ahead customers.

But what if they hadn’t?

What if servers were still standing around the dining room waiting for tables that would never be filled, and cooks continued waiting in the kitchen for orders to come through from the dining room? That would be crazy, right?

Yet, that’s what’s happening right now in the home building industry.

In his latest article for Professional Builder magazine, Mike Lyon explains why now is the time to take a step back from the frenetic pace of online sales and analyze how to best meet the expectations of today’s prospect and tomorrow’s new home buyer.

He reviews the five signs it’s time to right-size your online sales program, including specific thresholds for leads, appointments and missed calls.

Read the full article by clicking the image below:


Pro Builder Nov/Dec 2020


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