What to Focus on When Setting Goals in 2023 as an OSC

What to Focus on When Setting Goals in 2023 as an OSC

Jan 19, 2023 | By Jessie Suggs

Let’s be real here. Setting goals for the upcoming year can feel really exciting but it can also feel extremely overwhelming. So we are going to dive into what to focus on when setting goals for 2023. 

Celebrate the Past

First things first, start with a victory lap! Take some time to go over all you’ve learned and achieved in the previous year. We experienced so many things over the last year - talk about personal and professional development! Relish in it for a moment.

Review Previous Goals

Secondly, remember goals can and NEED to be reevaluated often! At a minimum, you should readjust your goals every quarter. We know that available inventory, new phases, upcoming communities, etc. can all play a vital role in the performance in the seat. 

Focus on Things in Your Control

Next up, we need to figure out what we are aiming for, which can be hard when you have a moving target. So, this blog isn’t about what your goals need to be, but rather how to narrow your focus on things that are 100% within your control as an Online Sales Specialist! So, let's jump in. 

We have SO much control at our fingertips. Just to name a few…speed of response, personalization, transparency, confidence, proactivity, persistence, responsiveness, consistency, education, positivity, clear expectations, empathy, teamwork, an “everyone’s a buyer” mentality, communication, and energy. The list goes on and on! 

This is GOOD NEWS, guys. We have to say goodbye to the old market. That was so last year! Let’s not only welcome 2023 with open arms, but even more importantly, with an open mindset. We have to embrace new and creative ways to do what we’ve always done. 

Do the Work 

Finally, let’s get to work! Nothing happens without consistent effort. When you meet one goal, celebrate and set your next. That is how you level up! 

OSCs, 2023 is our year! Our builders, the industry, and the home buyers need us now more than ever. Let’s make this the best year yet. 
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