Video Superstar Jeremy Smith

Apr 15, 2010

Video is quickly emerging as one of the most powerful communication tools for sales executives. I recently finished up a day with the Lennar team in Arizona and wanted to highlight what Jeremy Smithhas been up to. These aren’t the same old home tours you have seen – no, there are serious creative juices flowing here. So far, these are some of the funniest videos I have seen. Check out the videos and the interview below. (be sure to post a comment for Jeremy and tell him how cool he is!)

Smitty Runs the City – Time is Running Out (Diddy Runs the City Parody)

Want to See My Models (Zoolander Parody)

ML: How did you get the idea to do a parody for your video instead of the same old stuff?

JS:First, I got the idea to send out videos from you. I got the idea to do a parody because I saw other sales people sending out videos. Some were cute/cheery and some were serious, but that wasn’t my personality. I love comedy and doing impressions of people (celebrities, co-workers, my boss, my family) so my boss (Mike Dowell) recommended I do impression videos to send out to realtors.

ML: How did you choose the characters for the impressions?

JS: I started thinking of the impressions I do that people would recognize as funny and started writing down 30 second scripts. I now have approximately 15 scripts written, and 5 of the videos have been shot. They are currently being editedKyle Smith with Exile Media. He has really high tech equipment, lighting, green screens, microphones, etc. and can work in any part of the country at a reasonable price. (hint)

ML:What has been the response so far?

JS:The response has been great! In the past, I would get 0-2 responses to the emails I send on a weekly basis. In the first 24 hours, I have had close to 90 views on YouTube, and a lot more on Facebook. I got a large number of reply emails saying they were really impressed and excited that something fun was sent instead of the same old email.

ML: What is your advice to other sales execs looking to integrate video?

JS: I would recommend two things to other sales execs. First, do something that fits their personality and have fun with it. If you like cooking, send out a video recipe where you quickly make something and plug your business. In my case, I love funny. If you attempt to do something you aren’t, people will see right through it.

Second, invest in some simple video equipment like a webcam and an affordable hand-held camera. The Flip Mino hand-held camera and Logitech 9000 camera’s are great. Then invest a little money in a couple high tech videos that blow people away.

Use the hand held and webcams to send short, simple, and sweet messages to people. This will get you started. Then use your high tech videos to get people talking about you, and tell them to forward your videos to people they know. Someone that I didn’t know from Miami contacted me and said they wanted to follow me to see the responses I got. Another guy from Colorado, that does marketing for car dealerships across the nation, posted my video on his site.

I hope this helps Mike! I never would have gotten these ideas without your knowledge. Keep on learning so you can keep on sharing your ideas. Thanks Again!

(Thank you Jeremy – great stuff!!)

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