Takeaways from the Triangle Sales & Marketing Council

Oct 5, 2010

I had the chance to talk with some superstars from Raleigh during my recent visit. Below are some great interviews with smart people who are making a difference.

First up we have Alaina Money from BuildLikeAGirl fame and Zach Schabot from Go Realty sharing their takeaways from the two sessions. They pulled 6 hours and were still smiling at the end – I guess that is a good sign. As a bonus, Alaina throws out phrases like “forgone conclusion” “love fest” and I finally get Zach’s last name right.

View Video Here

Next up we have Andy Ladner, Vice President of Marketing at Home Builders Association Raleigh-Wake who talks about what it takes to create an active and energized community. If you are having trouble getting the turnout you want for events or see your membership dwindling, pay attention and learn from one of the best SMC’s in the country. The bottom line, just hold a Drag Show and everyone shows up.

View Video Here

A big thanks to the Triangle SMC for having me out!

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