OPT with Jen Barkan | Ep #1: Building an Online Sales Team

OPT with Jen Barkan | Ep #1: Building an Online Sales Team

Jul 1, 2019 | By Jen Barkan

OPT with Jen Barkan


Welcome to Online People Talking (OPT)!

Welcome to the premier episode ofOPT! This is a monthly video series dedicated to enhancing the careers and lives of the online new home sales specialist.  

Each month, I will host one or more industry peers who excel at a particular skill or topic. We’ll talk about experiences, stories, ideas, real life challenges and success. This series was born with the hope of bringing you current and relevant info that you can apply directly to your day-to-day work and personal lives. 

It can be tough out there with limited resources and training available for this role, so I welcome you to “OPT-In” to better your relationships, your careers, and yourselves! 


OPT Episode #1: Building an Online Sales Team

In our first episode we talk with the online sales team forStylecraft Buildersin Texas!Tanner Brewsterhas been an Online Sales Specialist for a decade, andLacy Warburtonjoined the team just over a year ago. We learn about their lively team dynamic, how 400 leads/month are divided, and why competition between them is a good thing. 

Stay tuned for a fun game show at the end to learn how well Tanner and Lacy know eachother!

Watch OPT Episode #1 below:

Or you can listen to the audio-only version below:

Let me know what you think of the series, and any topics you’d like to hear about.Stay tuned for the next episode of OPT in August!


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