Online Sales & Marketing Summit Recap – Andrew’s Top 3 Takeaways

Online Sales & Marketing Summit Recap – Andrew’s Top 3 Takeaways

Oct 3, 2018

It’s been three weeks since the end of our 2018 Online Sales & Marketing Summit in Dallas. We had 2 fully packed days to help you elevate your knowledge and to help you progress your sales & marketing skills.

While there are plenty of tactics and strategies that can be applied to “10x” your results – sometimes taking a step back to look at the big picture can keep us marketers grounded on what we need to focus on.

This post summarizes my top 3 takeaways from this year’s Summit. Enjoy!

1 – Chase the Numbers and Elevate Your Standards

What makes a great marketer? This can be a tough question to answer – but it shouldn’t be.

To me, this answer is the same as to “what makes a great marathon runner” or “what makes a great anything”.

People who are GREAT at their craft know their numbers. Imagine the marathon runner who does not know their last race times – this would be insane, right? This same runner would also understand the context and effect that temperature, humidity, elevation, nutrition, running form, stride length, training cycle, sleep habits, etc have on their training and race performance.

Great marketers also understand the context and effect of what contributes to their results and numbers (metrics). These same metrics provide the feedback needed to know if the campaigns we created are successful or not. And just like great marathon runners – great marketers are constantly looking to improve their numbers.

2 – Don’t Forget the Basics & Focus on Now

Confession time. I can – at times – have shiny object syndrome. Shocking, I know.

Seth Godin says it this way:

“The next big thing is already here, and we are becoming distracted by new big things.”

So while there will be an overwhelming amount of new technologies that will change the way we market homes forever – we can’t forget the basics. Sometimes doing the basics well will provide exceptional results. In other words – I’d challenge that most builders Facebook & AdWords Campaigns are the weakest link in results – not AR/VR/Chat Bots/Pokemon Gyms/Bit Coin Down Payments/this list could keep going forever..

3 – The Future is in Data – But Content is Still King

Lastly – Kevin spoke about the future of marketing being more and more dependent on providing data to Facebook & Google to assist in our advertising. Facebook conversion campaigns rely on using the Facebook Pixel on our website to allow Facebook to track visitors and then find similar people to complete certain actions on our website. Google Ads also uses data to target and bid in a similar fashion.

Keeping this in mind – the more data we have available for Facebook & Google – the better decisions their A.I can make. In programming/computer science terms there is this phrase “Garbage in, Garbage Out” – where flawed (garbage) data inputted into an algorithm will result in a flawed (garbage) output. In other words we can’t make a good choice about something without good information.

The opposite is also true. The better the data that can be given to the algorithm, the better the output. Within the context of Facebook & Google advertising – the better the content is on our website – the more meaningful interactions will take place from users. All of these interactions can be setup to feed the A.I from Facebook & Google to advertise better.

The point being – content can never be replaced. We’ll always need the highest quality (and quantity!) of content to market the homes we sell. Content is king and interactions with the content will provide quality data to Facebook & Google to be able to take advantage for their A.I.


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