Online People Talking Episode 18: OSC Gold Award Winners

Online People Talking Episode 18: OSC Gold Award Winners

Apr 5, 2022 | By Jen Barkan

Jen Barkan, Online Sales Coach for Do You Convert, hosted an episode of Online People Talking (OPT), dedicated to talking with three 2022 winners of The Nationals! Jen interviews Rookie of the Year, Olga Walker with Creative Homes, OSC of Year, Kendall Pashak with Hartford Homes, and Nichole Palin with Red Door of Carolinas who is representing the OSC Team of Year.

Jen and these three superstar online sales professionals discuss:

  • Their reasons for applying for The Nationals 
  • The benefits of winning
  • Tips and tricks for the application process
  • Ways the industry has changed
  • Current challenges
  • How they define success
  • Plus, some fun stories from the past few crazy years!

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